Johnny Doan

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM)

  • 2+ Years Combat Training Instructor

  • US Marine

  • CPR/AED Certified

Johnny Doan was born and raised in San Diego, CA.  He is a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance and Body Building.  Johnny grew up playing organized sports and believes that exercise is a huge part of living a healthy life.

​Before becoming a trainer, Johnny served 4 years in the US Marine Corp where he worked as an artilleryman.  The time he served in the Military helped him instill discipline and motive others Marines.

​As a certified trainer, he has transformed and helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals through his training regimen which includes: program design, diet planning and accountability.

If you would like to make a change or just need motivation, Johnny would love to help guide you down the correct path!