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Group Fitness classes are ONLY for residents of Casa Mira View Apartments. Residents may be allowed to bring 1 guest with them, depending on the class.

MAT PILATES: Stretch, strengthen, and align your body with modern Pilates style exercises. Learn how to find your natural corset and experience less joint pain, more core stability and better postural alignment.

KICKBOXING: Let’s utilize those boxing bags! Join us for this action packed class that not only teaches you the foundation and proper technique of punches and kicks, but gives you a full body, kick-butt workout!

TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT: This circuit style class incorporates strength and cardio segments using a variety of equipment for a total body workout You will rotate through various exercises to get your heart pumping while hitting all the major muscle groups

KIDS CIRCUIT PARTY: Parents, bring your kids in for a fitness class that will get your young athlete moving!  Our instructor will put your child through an obstacle-based circuit with age-appropriate strength elements thrown in.  Children will be challenged and learn how to overcome obstacles and move their bodies with proper alignment as they continue to grow. NOTE: ONLY RESIDENTS ALLOWED TO ATTEND THIS CLASS. NO GUESTS. PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST BE PRESENT.

KIDS MOVEMENT: Parents, bring your kids (between ages 3-5) for a fun class dedicated to moving! Kids will learn how to follow the leader, work on hand eye coordination, understand how to move their bodies thru small yoga movements and most of all, have fun while doing so! This class is sure to have you and your little one moving and a grooving! NOTE: ONLY RESIDENTS ALLOWED TO ATTEND THIS CLASS. NO GUESTS.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT: Parents, bring your kids (between ages 1-4) and participate in fun and educational activities! NOTE: ONLY RESIDENTS ALLOWED TO ATTEND THIS CLASS. NO GUESTS.

VINYASA YOGA: Transform your mind and body, ultimately helping you find inner calmness and peace. Enhance your strength, balance, flexibility and stability. Designed to strengthen and stretch all major muscle groups by combining breath with movement. Leave feeling stronger and more centered. From beginners to advanced, this class is for everyone!

HIIT: (High Intensity Interval Training): The concept of this class is to perform a short burst of high-intensity (or max-intensity) exercise followed by a brief low-intensity activity, repeatedly, until too exhausted to continue. This high-energy class is something you’ll look forward to each week! Modifications are always provided so all fitness levels are welcome.

RESTORATIVE YOGA: Targeting the connective tissues in the hips, pelvis and spine, postures may be held longer to provide deeper openings. Helping to loosen the mind, this class is perfect for unwinding your day or week.

HARD CORE: Everyone wants those 6-pack abs, right?! Stop by for a quick 30-minute workout that’s all about your midsection. We don’t miss any of the muscle groups including low back and obliques and provide functional movements to help you reach your goals!

ZUMBA: Exercise has never been so fun! This fun, easy to follow cardio dance class combines high energy and motivating Latin music. Unique moves and combinations will make you feel like you are partying on the dance floor. Zumba is the best way to “dance away your worries”!

SPIN: This class provides a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels! Experience a full ride of hills, sprints and endurance intervals with energizing music and motivational instruction. Experience the benefits of a cardio workout plus strength building in one class!

TABATA: Tabata training is one of the hottest trends to build muscle and scorch body fat. Timed intervals will blast calories, but don’t worry – there is recovery, too! Usually Tabata consist of 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest but can vary from class to class to spice it up!

PURE STRENGTH: Build strength, add definition, increase bone density and decrease body fat by INCREASING lean muscle. Research has proven that by adding lean muscle to the body you can speed up your metabolism and burn more calories working out and at rest. Use a variety of weight training equipment to change the shape of your body – no muscle gets neglected!

METCON: (Metabolic Conditioning): One of those killer high intensity workouts. This type of training involves a very high work rate using exercises designed to burn more calories during your workout and maximize calories burned after your workout, or your afterburn. Held on the outdoor fitness turf. (If inclement weather, class will be held in the group fitness studio.)

BOOTCAMP: These Workouts are designed to improve your overall fitness – strength, cardio, flexibility, agility and endurance! We want to challenge you differently in every class!

BELLY DANCE/ZUMBA: Mix it up with a combo dance class that is sure to heat up your core and make you sweat! Express yourself with slow snakey arm movements to exhilarating percussive hip hits. Then slide right into your motivating high energy Zumba classics!


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